Korean adventures

by kamilarr

Again updating old photos. This time I went to Korea in July with friends from Keio. Here is the link:


It was really nice, we spend days in Seul, Busan and then on one of the top10 “secret” islands in the world- Ulleungdo.
We were the only foreigners there, so it was quite funny to try to communicate with them, cause of course nobody could speak English.

Maybe you have heard the story about Japan fighting with Korea over an Island and its next to Ulleungdo, its called Takeshima or Dogdo. There were some local patriots wearing shirt saying “Dogdo is Korean” or sth like that.
The truth is that it belonged territorialy to Japan and i guess 20-30 years ago Korean government send there a man-fisherman and is wife to watch over this small island. now there are more people, but only Korean. Funny and interesting story, you can check it online.

Anyway i spend too much time in Seul, nice city, but you can feel like you are in Europe. Korea is growing super stop and doesnt seem to stop, so its getting richer & richer. There are plenty of nice places to eat, shop, drink and have fun. Even though its not a popular travel destination so the government tries its best to promote its country. There were even free buses from Seul to some remote places just to promote other areas except Seul.

About the island. It was ultimately amazing. IT is a volcanic island with beautiful landscapes, mountains and its still quite wild in the forest. We did some walking among the shore of the island, you can check it on pictures.

Water was super blue and you could see everything in a range of many meteres.

And one day we spend on climbing to the top.

We did pretty good job in a nice time taking into consideration the fact that we started at worst time ever – around 12/13. And first hour was not in the forest, so we quickly got suntan.

WE also did some hitchiking. it was pretty easy, people were friendly even though they couldnt speak english at all.  And here is one of the sunsets we had:

And a postcard from me to you. It was really amazing.