Bat For Lashes – Laura

by kamilarr

For those who don’t know. There is a new  upcomingalbum from Bat for Lashes – ” The Haunted Man”, this is the first available video from this LP. You can already pre-order it online, but its a pity cause i don’t have a LP player in Japan so i guess i will just have to send it back home.

I love it, it is very gentle, slow and simply beautifully shot with all those reflections. And of course there is always beautiful Natasha singing and dancing. It somehow reminds me of home.  I guess i just miss going to theaters, those lights and atmosphere. I want to dance with someone slowly on a table.

There is also sth about songs with a name in the title, I always seem to love them.(Daniel, Cecilia, Adelaide…) It’s like I am hearing stories of unknown people I want to meet.

Drape your arms around me and softly say
Can we dance upon the tables again?