by kamilarr

Once again some photos this time from Hakone:


Hakone is a probably best place near Tokyo to go to Onsen. Those are natue hot springs and what’s more thy are surrounded by mountains. You sit outside in hot water and admire beautiful views.
We did 3 onsens. There are also usually saunas jacuzzi and etc. Onsens are organized in a nice matter. There are resting rooms, special private rooms and private baths. Sometimes you can stay there overnight and experience amazing dinner. I haven’t done yet overnight stay, but i hope i will be do it soon with someone. My friends did it and all were super happy about it.

One more interesting thing about Hakone is that some scenes from Neon Genesis Evangelion were based on actual landscape of Hakone. You can get special Evnagelion map and check all those spots. Here is more info and pictures showing resemblance:


Hakone is also famous for black eggs and observing spots for Fuji mountain:

Except for that there is a famous hakone open art museum with lots of interesting exhibitons and this amazing playground:

Od hakone

And it would be cool to have such a table & bench in my hometown garden:

Od hakone