Life in tokyo

at Blawan’s set:20121015-101541.jpg

my dear Shing02 doing his job20121015-101622.jpg

amazing mexican dinner with friends20121015-101556.jpg

at Tsukiji martket at 5am, watching tuna auctions … freezing cold inside20121015-101640.jpg

yagami festival – firework show20121015-101653.jpg

Tokusatsu exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.



way back gome20121015-102207.jpg

at the trump room. great party20121015-102238.jpg

Hatoyama’s hall garden 20121015-102248.jpg

Devendra Banharts ( the one without the hat) concert ❤ love this guy, its a pity he has a wife. He played together with Andy Cabic, super lovely acustic sounds. i dont recommend though to go alone for such a concert, its kinda painful to listen to such touching music alone.   Fortuantelly i got to chat for a sec with Devendra and got a small painting on a concert track list. i wish i could talk more.20121015-102219.jpg

someone come with this to a party. nice. i want one here20121015-101504.jpg

polsih bigos in Tokyo. not as good as my mum though.20121015-101439.jpg

a drum gig near shibs station20121015-102300.jpg